Crispin's Cider

Mosshayne Farm, West Clyst, Exeter

Hi, I'm Crispin, a craft cider maker in the Exeter area of Devon, England. Crispin I'm spearheading a resurgence in Exeter's neglected apple varieties and orchards. For many years now I've helped run engaging community projects supporting local orchards. Now I'm cranking it up a notch (literally) with unique custom-built equipment, making Proper Westcountry Cider handcrafted exclusively from the distinctive apples of this region.

Secret Apples, Forgotten Orchards

washplant I like traditional organic orchards, the hidden neglected ones with the old forgotten varieties.


Since I personally hand pick my apples, I'm able to select the best fruit at the peak of ripeness. I whisk bootloads down the Devon lanes in my little van. I manually grade, store and clean 'em myself.


Apples that don't make the grade go to the pigs. I cut out the bad bits and they go with the Rotters and orchard debris to the compost. Nothing is wasted and even the pressed apple pomace go to our rare-breed cows as a tasty treat.

Real, Pure Juice, Westcountry Cider

press The unadulterated juice is fermented slowly over the Winter in an old cob built apple store (cider barn). I prefer not to fine, microfilter, carbonate or pasteurize my cider for a more authentic genuine taste of Devon. No concentrates, sweeteners or preservatives; rather pure juice cider with natural living yeasts.

I have developed my own method of bottle conditioning (like Real Ale), which adds a natural light sparkle. It does however require a teaspoon of sugar, like the Traditional and Champagne Method, which I hope purists will forgive. With a little care during storage and dispense, really exceptional cider results.


I have a little van and will personally supply good independent pubs, licensed retail outlets, festivals and events. Being proper cider, from local apples, everything's seasonal and it's not a supermarket shelf type of operation.

I do 10 and 25 litre returnable plastic kegs as well as Bag-in-box in 10 and 20 litres. I can do bottles in 50cl and 75cl, which can be returnable. I don't hold much stock though, so you need to think ahead.

Please contact me on the email above to let me know your requirements. I'm quite flexible and will customise products/delivery specifically for you, providing it's worth doing so.

Reasons to buy


Class in a glass - Simon Bates, Killerton Apple & Cider Festival

It went down really well, esp. with the food. We were really busy, every table was full. - Boatyard Bakery

Yours was most popular; it's all gone, but we've still half a box of the other. Dad wants some more for the weekend, even though we've got other leftovers. - Real Food Store

Its epic. Proper. Cider sold really well. - The Arcade, South St

Your cider sold out first. - Park Life Heavitree, Beer Tent

Your ciders lush crispin! Smokey and not too dry. Really one of the nicest ive had! Thanks again! - Lou Duds, Mums Workshop

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