Crispin's Cider

Mosshayne Farm, West Clyst, Exeter

Crispin Hi, I'm Crispin, a craft cider maker in Exeter, South Devon (England, UK). I'm spearheading a resurgence in Exeter's neglected apple varieties and orchards. For many years now I've helped run engaging community projects supporting local orchards. Now I'm cranking it up a notch (literally) with unique custom-built equipment, making Proper Westcountry Cider handcrafted exclusively from the distinctive apples of this region.

Secret Apples, Forgotten Orchards

washplant I like traditional organic orchards, the hidden neglected ones with the old forgotten varieties.


Since I personally hand pick my apples, I'm able to select the best fruit at the peak of ripeness. I whisk bootloads down the Devon lanes in my little van. I manually grade, store and clean 'em myself.


I don't like waste and so anything that doesn't make the grade goes for composting. I even use pressed apple pomace and dregs in my compost making, which helps me grow even better fruit.

Real, Pure Juice, Westcountry Cider

press The unadulterated juice is fermented slowly over the Winter in an old cob built apple store (cider barn). I prefer not to fine, microfilter, carbonate or pasteurize my cider for a more authentic genuine taste of Devon. No concentrates, sweeteners or preservatives; rather pure juice cider with natural living yeasts.

I have developed my own method of bottle conditioning (like Real Ale), which adds a natural light sparkle. It does however require a teaspoon of sugar, like the Traditional and Champagne Method, which I hope purists will forgive. With a little care during storage and dispense, really exceptional cider results.


I have a little van and will personally supply good pubs, licensed retail outlets, festivals and events. Being proper cider, from local apples, everything's seasonal and it's not a supermarket-shelf type of operation (sorry no eCommerce, just message me direct).

I do 2 gallon (16pt, 9 litre) and 5 gallon (40pt, 23 litre) returnable polypins (plastic tapped barrel) as well as Bag-in-box in 10 and 20 litres. I can do bottles in 50cl and 75cl, which can be returnable. I don't hold much stock though, so you need to think ahead.

Please contact me on the email above (top right) to let me know your requirements. I'm quite flexible and will customise products/delivery specifically for you, providing it's worth doing so.

Reasons to buy


Just a quick note to let you know that the Crow Vortex has been very well received here... Sincere thanks for such a well-made cider. - Rod Marsh, Director, National Collection of Cider & Perry, 2019


A mixed apple base has produced a light, easy drinking cider, clean acidity bringing a freshness of taste. - CAMRA, Festival of Winter Ales 2019

That's more like it! A lot going on in this: great balance of fruit and acidity, soft tannins, a touch medicinal but really smooth and easy drinking. Dry cider done properly - Andy May @CiderSleuth on Crow Vortex (bottled)

The Aflame went down extremely easily but was a little too tart for our normal tastes. The Bounty was mellow, fruity and very easy going. It got better as the bottle went on as well. The Gypsy Hill was the best of the lot - a really full bodied flavour, well balanced with good hit of tannins thrown in. - Scrattings Craft Cider Shop

Thanks for your amazing cider and juice and support at the weekend - Anne-Marie Culhane, FLOW: A river orchard on the EXE

Class in a glass - Simon Bates, Killerton Apple & Cider Festival

Yours was most popular; it's all gone, but we've still half a box of the other. Dad wants some more for the weekend, even though we've got other leftovers. - Ella, Real Food Store

Its epic. Proper. Cider sold really well. - The Arcade, South St

Your cider sold out first. - Park Life Heavitree, Beer Tent

Your ciders lush crispin! Smokey and not too dry. Really one of the nicest ive had! Thanks again! - Lou Duds, Mums Workshop

Aflame7% Float6% Quest6%

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